Best of the Best Tours

Guests of the Ivy Palm Resort receive a 10% discount on tickets to the Best of the Best Tours. See Offers for special promotion details for Ivy Palm guests.


Indian Canyon Tour: 

A two-stop tour of Palm Springs most lush oases. Enjoy a nature walk, scenic views, and learning about the landscape and history of the Natives.

Prices: Adults - $50 / Children 18 and under - $45

Time: Tour lasts ~2.5 hours

Day(s): Everyday


Rich & Famous Tour:

Explore local architecture, history, and celebrity homes as you venture through the playground of the stars.

Prices: Adults - $40 / Seniors 65+ & 18 and under - $35

Time: Tour lasts ~1.5 hours

Day(s): Everyday


Windmill Tour:

Get an introduction to the weather and geology of the area, learn all about wind and solar power, and finally have the opportunity to ask all those questions you have always wanted answers to.

Prices: Adults - $40 / Seniors 65+ - $35 / 13-18yr - $15 / 12yr and under - $10

Time: 9:00am, 11:30am, 2:00pm

Day(s): Everyday!


Bonanza Tour:

This tour truly is a "Bonanza" of fun, natural beauty and information. This combines the BEST OF THE BEST of our award-winning tours: Indian Canyon Tour, Rich and Famous Celebrity Home Tour and PS Windmill Tour.

Prices: Adults - $99 / Seniors 65+, 18 and under - $94

Time: Tour lasts ~4.5 hours

Day(s): Everyday!

Advance purchase required.